The One Thing To Stop A Shaving Cut From Bleeding

There's nothing worst than running late, hopping into the shower, and shaving at lightning speed only to end up with a monstrous cut. Luckily, the one thing to stop a shaving nick from bleeding will ensure you won't have to stand there desperately nursing your bloody leg with toilet paper for minutes on end. I promise there's hope!

Believe it or not, all you need to stop a razor cut from bleeding is waxy (not glossy) lip balm! As explained in Allure, lip balm will "help clot the blood and act as a temporary sealant." Not only that, GQ says that the lip balm will also help prevent scars from forming. Who knew? (Not me!)

Lip Rescue With Tea Tree Oil, $2, Lucky Vitamin

At first I was suspicious of this technique, but recently, when I was running late for a meeting, I cut my ankle shaving (ugh). I was also planning on wearing tights, so stopping it from bleeding was crucial. I knew it was the perfect time to give this lip balm hack a try.

Here's what I did: I rinsed the cut with soap and water, and swiped lip balm right over the top. Lo and behold, the blood stopped trickling down my foot long enough for me to walk across my apartment floor without turning it into a crime scene so I could successfully cover it with a band-aid.

Below is my favorite lip balm for this, should you feel so inclined to test it out for yourself!

Lip Rescue With Tea Tree Oil, $2, Lucky Vitamin

I like that the tea tree oil also acts as an antibiotic, while providing a soothing, cooling effect. Razor nicks, be gone!

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