What's The Song In The Google Play "Slouch" Commercial? Your Ears Will Want To Make "Time" For This Tune — VIDEOS

Well, well, well. What do you know. Juno Award-nominated artist Afie Jurvanen is brightening up commercial breaks yet again. What a time to be alive, no? In the “Slouch Your Heart Out” chapter of the new Google Play TV spot series, a mellow, gorgeous, almost mesmerizing track plays as a disembodied hand demonstrates what the cellular device app can do. The name of the ditty? So glad you asked. The song in the Google Play ad is “All The Time” by Bahamas (real name: Afie Jurvanen). You can find “All The Time” on the Canadian singer-songwriter’s third album, Bahamas Afie.

Whether or not you keep up with all the latest and greatest in indie rock, I bet you and this song have crossed paths before: “All The Time” was featured in a Droid Turbo advert from late ’14/early ’15. You know what I’m talking about right? You remember that advert where Oscar-nominated actor James Franco tumbled off of the roof of a building only to float safely down to the ground, don’t you? That is the Droid ad you’re looking for.

And as for the song you’re looking for? I got you. You can watch the music video for Bahamas’s lovely track here:

BahamasVEVO on YouTube

Image: Google Play/YouTube