Let Drake Tell You the Weather

This is revolutionary, really. Actually, there's no better way to describe how flawless and perfect this website is — it's just that amazing. So prepare yourselves, everyone, because your minds are about to be blown from here to, like, Antarctica. A new weather site has appeared on the Internet called Drake Weather, that features both Drake and the weather. I know, perfect, right?

How does the site work, exactly? It's pretty simple, actually: Based off of your computer's location settings, it finds your precise location, and then displays the weather in both Fahrenheit and Celsius formats. It also offers a short description of how things look outside (it's much easier than just looking out the window, in my opinion), as well as a background that changes based on the time of day and weather conditions.

Also, and most important, there is a picture of Drake taken straight off his Nothing Was the Same album cover that is just the best photo they could have chosen. You will literally never need to check the weather anywhere else ever again.

Check out a screenshot of the site above, or just head on over to Drake Weather yourself to check out the weather in your area for yourself.

Image: Drakeweather