Britney Spears Runs Into A Pole & Starts Out 2016 On A Clumsy Foot — PHOTO

I hope it wasn't the Queen of Pop's New Years Resolution not to do anything clumsy. For anyone wondering why Britney Spears has a bruise on her forehead, it's because she up and ran into a pole. Yikes, lady, be careful out there! It's only been 2016 for a few hours, and you're already sporting an injury? You're making pretty good time. I like to give it a week or so before I get my first bruise or cut of the year, just to keep everybody guessing, but you've always been an overachiever, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you beat me to the punch. Or... the pole. (Sorry.)

Spears shared the record of her clumsy moment via Instagram, where she posted a photo of herself in a high ponytail, looking matter-of-factly into the camera, with the caption, "Good morning 2016! Don't mind the little bruise on my forehead... Ran into a pole", and then an ashamed little monkey emoji, covering his eyes. But the thing is, I've bumped my head before, and it takes a lot for a bruise to show up, especially under a layer of makeup, so she must have knocked it pretty hard! Ouchies. Take a look for yourself, see what you think of this mini war wound.

You see it there, on the upper left hand side of her forehead? The good news is, it's pretty small and not super noticeable, and Spears has a good attitude about it, so it must not hurt that badly. Probably when you have two kids the ages of Spears' sons, Jayden James, 9, and Sean Preston, 8, then you must just not notice bumps and bruises as much. Or poles, for that matter. (Sorry again.)

Best of luck avoiding walking into things for the rest of the year, Brit! I guess I have to adjust that sign I keep by my bed that says "It's been __ days without a celebrity injury" back to zero. Off to a bumbling start, 2016!