John Oliver Makes New Year's Resolutions Easier Than Ever With Just One Small Tip — VIDEO

Sorry, John Oliver is still on hiatus. But the Last Week Tonight host clearly understands your pain, because he released a short web clip Sunday to help you with your New Year's resolutions — or "the exact middle ground between lying to yourself and lying to other people." While Oliver's brief workshop on New Year's resolutions might be a tease, at least 2016 is kicking off with a little bit of the Brit's flavor.

Resolutions are tough. Statistically speaking, a mere eight percent of people actually keep their resolutions every year. But Oliver chooses to focus on the positive. Instead of worrying about how you failed, focus on how to revise your plans so that you can succeed.

For example, if your resolution is to get more exercise, Oliver advises you to "lower your standards for what counts as exercise to anything that brings your heart rate up." Or say you buy a crock pot to make healthy meals. If you simply use it at all — like as a nice hot tub for your rodent roommates — then hey, you're in the clear.

The other option is to make your resolutions so ridiculously impossible to achieve that you won't feel bad that they never come to fruition. After all, "the key to a successful resolution is not hard work and dedication, it's managing disappointment — and that's it."

Thanks for the wise words, Oliver. We'll see you when Last Week Tonight returns Feb. 14.

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Image: Last Week Tonight/HBO