Have We Seen The "Out Of The Woods" Dress Before?

On New Year's Eve, Taylor Swift premiered her latest music video, "Out Of The Woods." While the video itself is absolutely stunning, it was Swift's outfit had me doing a double-take. Haven't we seen this pale blue dress before? In fact, I (and much of the Internet) am pretty sure this is a similar (if not, the same) dress that the pop star was wearing on the day she broke up with One Direction member, Harry Styles. While this may just be a crazy coincidence, I'm sure it's more than just that. Swift is known for placing symbolism all throughout her lyrics and music videos. Why wouldn't this dress be any different?

But first, let's take a look at what lead up to this music video. First of all, it's been heavily rumored from the start that Swift's latest album 1989 was inspired by the singer's relationship with Harry Styles. Swift even posted a photo on her Tumblr page hinting at the hidden messages in the album. To me, that post is blatant proof that the album is about a singular relationship.

From here, you can tell that "Out Of The Woods" is about Styles as it references his snowmobile accident that occurred while the pair was dating. "Remember when you hit the brakes too soon/Twenty stitches in a hospital room," Styles did in fact need stitches after the wreck.

The song even references the paper airplane necklaces that both parties have been seen wearing.

So, with all of this symbolism running about, there is no doubt that her outfit was intentional. Just take a look at what Swift was wearing that day that her and Styles were rumored to have broken up. It seems like the same exact dress!

While anyone can shout that it's just a coincidence, I think our girl, T.Swift is way too clever for that.

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