Country Singer Craig Strickland Is Found Dead & His Fans React On Twitter

It is a very sad day for country singer Craig Strickland's loved ones. Strickland's body was found on Monday after a seven day search for the country singer, confirming the fears of his family and friends that he did not survive the storm he was reportedly caught in. According to Fox News, 29-year-old Backroad Anthem vocalist reportedly disappeared on Dec. 27 following a duck hunting trip with his friend Chase Morland. E! Online reports that Morland's body was found on Dec. 28 in Kaw Lake, Oklahoma, along with the pair's capsized boat. Shortly before the pair's official disappearance, Morland reportedly tweeted about the pair going into Winter Storm Goliath, stating that, "In case we don't come back, @BackroadCRAIG and I are going right through Winter Storm Goliath to kill ducks in Oklahoma."

CNN reports that the weather was dangerous during Strickland and Morland's hunting trip, stating that "rain, sleet and snow pelted the area, with wind gusts of up to 45 mph and wind chills as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit." Still, People reported that Strickland's family remained hopeful that Strickland had survived the storm, as his dog, Sam, was found alive next to Morland's body. Tragically, Strickland was found dead on Jan. 4 by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, where he was found within the original search area, reports People.

Strickland is survived by his wife Helen, whom Strickland shared a sweet photo of just over a month before his passing:

On Monday, Helen took to Twitter to share the news that Strickland's body was found:

Twitter shared their condolences for the loss of this country singer:

Image: BackroadCRAIG/Twitter