The One Golden Globes Dress That Perfectly Summed Up 2004 — PHOTOS

There’s nothing quite like use old red carpet looks to point out trends of decades past. I think it’s safe to say that the dress Paris Hilton wore to the 2004 Golden Globes is the one ensemble that really sums up the year. From her hair accessory to her strappy heels, this look is so early '00s. Leave it to Hilton to perfectly capture an era, from head to toe.

Her dress had a blue corset bodice and a tulle skirt because in 2004 she was no stranger to whimsy, in terms of her fashion. Hilton's strappy heels were only a couple of inches high (you know the ones) and completely matched the color of her dress. As if that wasn’t enough to tell you all about the trends of the time, it’s time to talk about her accessories. She paired diamond jewels with a sparkly butterfly hair clip because that was just the way to do things back then, you know? Her hair also had a flawless flip at the end, and it just wouldn’t have been 2004 without it.

Hilton looked exactly like a ‘00s princess on the red carpet that year, and that’s why her ensemble encapsulates the time period so well. Let’s take a look at that ’04 fabulousness now, shall we?

Tulle perfection.

Let's get a close-up look at that bodice, complete with a belt, of course.

The look wouldn't be complete without some sparkling jewels.

And we mustn't forget about that super fly hair accessory, either.

That flipped out hair is everything.

She was such an early '00s babe.

She totally nailed this look, but I mean, that's just because she knew what was hot, you know?

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