The 'PLL' Cast Is Goofing Off At The PCA's

When it comes to an awards show, it's all about... winning. I kid, I kid. No matter who wins or loses, it is important to have fun! I mean, what's the point of hanging out in a room full of major celebs, if you're going to be a total Debbie Downer? That definitely isn't a problem for one cast. If you take a look at Instagram, the Pretty Little Liars cast is loving the People's Choice Awards — a lot. They are sharing so many behind the scenes pictures that are uh-mazing. Oh, and they're goofing off like there's no tomorrow.

For example, and as you can see below, PLL actor Troian Bellisario shared a photo of Ian Harding, aka Ezra Fitz, looking super handsome. Obviously, that is sarcasm you sense, because his silly face isn't that attractive. That said, it is super hilarious and will make fans of the ABC Family (soon to be Freeform) series fall even more in love with the man who brings Ezra to life. Seriously, stop being so lovable, Ian Harding! It should be a crime.

There are even more funny pics shared below, including Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson being the greatest besties, ever. Oh, and how gorgeous does the cast look? Most of them are clearly showcasing the dark theme of PLL Season 6B through their clothing.

Now, take a look at the photos and try to tell me you don't want to hang out with the Liars all day, every day.