Dakota Johnson's Joke Wins The PCA's

When you think of someone winning an awards show, you think of them taking home an actual award or two. Well, yes, Dakota Johnson did win the People's Choice Award for Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress, but that's not what makes her a real winner. It was her speech. Upon ascending the stairs to accept her award, her dress "broke" thanks to presenter Leslie Mann, and Johnson had the perfect response. As the Fifty Shades of Grey star said, "Leslie just broke my dress." She then added, "Well, it’s not like nobody here hasn’t already seen my boobs."

Thank you, Johnson, for making the PCA's go from snoozefest to something worth watching. I bow down to you and your spot-on wittiness. Seriously, who would've thought the actor known for bringing Anastasia Steele to life would turn the PCA's around? I guess that's why she's so talented and winning awards for her acting skills.

Also, it's great that she can make a joke and embrace her onscreen nudity. Get it, Johnson! Also, I guess this is all the more reason to see Johnson and Rebel Wilson in How to Be Single.

Now, watch this Vine on repeat, because I know I will be.