They Can Tell You How To Get To 'Sesame Street'

Sesame Street has had celebrity guests for a very long time and the list of them is humongous. While some celebrities do boring — but still important! —things like define words, it's a real treat when the celebrity guest is a musical one. The latest musical act to have one of their hit songs Sesamefied is One Direction who will appear on Sesame Street in a fall 2014 episode. A newly released preview clip shows the group singing their single "What Makes You Beautiful" about the letter U. Get it?! It might seem silly to adults, but just think, some little kid might remember it the same way you and I remember something like Gloria Estefan inexplicably singing "Conga" with Big Bird. (I guess it was a cultural lesson rather than a linguistic one? It's mostly just weird how everything just goes back to normal at the end.)

Anyway, the One Direction guys get to sing about the usefulness of the letter U and in the preview clip they hit all the important points — what words start with U, how many letters are in the alphabet, um... okay, that's about it. But this is just the preview clip! There could be more to this! Plus, think of how happy this will make children who are too young to care if Harry Styles is dating Kendall Jenner and wayyyy too young to be too old to care if Harry Styles is dating Kendall Jenner. It's a more innocent time. A time when five boys singing a song about a letter while staring directly into the camera is totally cool. I hope someday one of those children grows up to be an entertainment writer about can point back to this as the good old days of Sesame Street.