An EDM Sitcom Might Actually Become a Thing

So Will Smith, Jay Z, and Calvin Harris walk into a bar... and produce a half-hour comedy about electronic dance music for HBO. Just kidding! And by kidding, I mean that this is not a joke, because Will Smith, Jay Z, and Calvin Harris are actually producing a comedy that's written by Trainspotting writer Irvine Welsh and "set in the world of electronic music," whatever that means. File that sentence under "things that can make even a twentysomething feel old" along with that hoax-sounding news story about middle school kids snorting smarties to get high. (What is wrong with these youths?)

Almost no part of this potential TV show sounds good. Who works at HBO? Do they know the kind of people who exclusively listen to EDM? Do they know that this show has the potential to become a more scripted version of Jersey Shore? Also, what the hell are Will Smith and Jay Z doing? Shouldn't they be working on that adorable reboot of Annie with Quvenzhané Wallis? Why did Calvin Harris decide to get into television? Isn't having every dull house song he makes featured in a commercial enough? How much dubstep is going to be in this show? Is every climactic moment in the show going to happen over "the drop"?

But more importantly, how is this show going to be funny? The only person involved in this show that's even been related to anything funny is Will Smith, and he hasn't been involved on a sitcom since The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Seriously, try to picture this show actually appearing on HBO, and all you'll get is a vision of Hannah doing coke and wearing a mesh shirt in a club in that one episode of GIRLS, except now it's really long and there's dubstep playing in the background.

This show brings up a lot of questions, but it can all be summed up with one: bro, where's the drop?