Why Was Amy Schumer Bleeped During The 2016 Golden Globes? The Comedian Used This Curse Word

It's an exciting moment in television when Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence present at the Golden Globes together. But, it is even more exciting when they do something expectedly hilarious and so not politically correct. But, then again, that's the whole point isn't it? The actors have not been quiet about using humor to state their cases, and this was clearly an unparalleled opportunity to do so. So, why did Schumer get bleeped at the Golden Globes? Well, in the name of defying social constructs, that's why.

Statements aside, there is a more clear cut explanation for the bleep. Like any bleep, it was for censorship. You see, JLaw and Schumer were bantering over "celebrity nicknames." And, being the funny people they are, they went there with the skit. That's where the censoring comes in. Schumer suggested that "c*nt" be a part of her cool, new hollywood moniker. And, obviously, the powers that be were not as enthused about it. Because, you know, stuffy television rules and whatnot. Bleep or not, the general public definitely got the joke and the point, and I am sure the internet will rectify this censorship in the shape of GIFs and memes for weeks to come.