Philip Seymour Hoffman Gives ScarJo a Good Name

Scarlett Johansson was definitely snubbed of an Oscar nomination this year. The actress received a ton of accolades for her speaking-only part in Spike Jonze's latest drama Her as the kind, warm operating system that brings the lonely Theodore Twombly (played by Joaquin Phoenix) back to life, and for good reason — anyone who has seen the film knows that she gives a highly charming performance with just her smooth voice alone.

But while Scarlett Johansson did an amazing job in the picture, some people are wondering whether another actor could have given such a memorable performance. It turns out that Spike Jonze made an excellent decision in casting ScarJo. As the number of parody videos of the trailer (you can watch the original trailer here) would suggest, no one can do it better than ScarJo — not even award-winning actors like Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Philip Seymour Hoffman may have starred alongside Joaquin Phoenix in The Master, but we're not so sure that he'd have made the best choice for Samantha. I guess that there are some roles that even PSH can't handle, and the role of the sexy operating system is one of these. Though, we do have to say that we would still want to hang out with an operating system version of Philip Seymour Hoffman — just in more of an old college buddy kind of way. We'll stick to ScarJo for our deep conversations and sweet pillow talk.

Here's the parody video below: