Jenelle Evans Really Wants You To See Her Piercing

My biggest accomplishment today was eating lunch while simultaneously looking at the Instagram post below. Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans posted a photo of her belly button ring which has a tiny sign attached that says, "Baby on Board." At first it was hard to pin down why this picture weirded me out so much. It's not the fact that she's pregnant or that she is pregnant and has a belly button ring — be careful of scarring, but go for it — then I realized what it was. It's just that it's sooooo close up. Girl, your belly button is all up in everyone's face. Technically, it could just be up in the faces of those who follow her on Instagram, but she has half a million Instagram followers. She was at least wanting 500,000 people to get up close and personal with her belly button and that's just too many people!

Piercings are kind of strange on their own if you think about it. I mean, it's a hole through your flesh that you put things in. Let's just leave it at that and view earrings and belly rings and eyebrow rings from afar. We don't need to see pics that show what it would be like to have your eyes within two inches of Jenelle Evans' navel piercing.

By the way — and this is a big by the way — this is the cheesiest belly button ring that has ever been known to mankind. "Baby on Board?" Yeah, it's like those stickers people put on their cars and it's supposed to be cute, but it's a lot more graphic when it's attached to a belly rather than a bumper. "Baby on Board" really means "Baby All Up In My Lady Business."

Now, after all that, I'm sure you really want to see this picture, but I won't force you. Continue below at your own risk.









Images: Jenelle Evans/ Instagram