13 Super Bowl Slider Recipes Because Variety is Everything

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Let's face it — little burgers on teeny tiny little buns are marvelously cute. And also very easy to administer into your mouth bucket while you are otherwise busy gesturing towards and screaming at your television screen. Sliders are a good thing, so thank goodness there's a Super Bowl happening and we have a great excuse to make some. By now, you've probably already got all your dips and chips and wings and nachos all lined up. You're off to a good start -- but a good start only. Here we have 13 Super Bowl slider recipes, and a little something for everyone — andouille blue cheese sliders, filet fondue (yes, fondue) sliders, and BLT caprese sliders, just to name a few. So go get your teeny tiny burger plates primed because we're about to put some food on them.

Image: Pass The Sushi

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