The Grammys’ Seating Charts Really Make You Wonder How These Decisions Are Made

Award show seating charts are not something I've ever thought about before, but obviously they exist. The biggest stars and the people most likely to win always sit up front, so it's not like they're randomly choosing their spots. If that were the case everyone would end up like Jacqueline Bisset. Access Hollywood brought award show seating to mind when they posted pictures of the seating chart for the Grammys on Instagram today. They raise a few questions. For example, will Pink be distracted through the entire ceremony because Paul McCartney will be right in front of her? Will Yoko Ono appear in a ton of Taylor Swift GIFs the next day?

Click through our slideshow of Grammy seating chart pics and see what other queries these odd arrangements bring up.

Images: Access Hollywood/Instagram

Seating Chart #1

- Is that the guy from Fun.?

- Are Pink and the guy from Fun. going to come together and freak out about being behind two Beatles?

- How did someone decide Tyrese should sit next to the entire band Chicago?

- Will Pink and the guy from Fun. share pompadour tips?

Seating Chart #2

- Why are the name cards so gigantic?

- Did they really need pictures? Isn’t that a waste of ink?

- Is that picture of Daft Punk really going to help a Grammys usher? “Oh! I remember see the picture of two dudes dressed as robots! Right this way!”

Seating Chart #3

- Will Yoko Ono appear in the background of all the pictures of Taylor Swift’s surprised face?

Seating Chart #4

- Ryan Seacrest attends award shows? I thought he just hosted things?

- “Dude Looks Like A Lady” jokes aside (oops!), is the person behind Alicia Keys Steven Tyler? This is a real question. I can’t tell. Apologies to whoever it is if it’s not.

- Ginuwine is still around?!

Seating Chart #5

- Will Madonna glare at the back of Katy Perry’s head bemoaning the fact that a new pop star is seating in front of her?

- Will Madonna introduce herself to Bonnie McKee and then forget her name immediately?

Seating Chart #

- Where is Chrissy Teigen’s name card?! John Legend will definitely bring her. Do only musicians get cards?

- Will John Legend stare at Ariana Grande’s head all night wondering where weave ends and hair begins?

- Who is Don Was?