Rob Lowe Will Literally Play Tennis in 'The Pro'

Fresh on the heels of leaving yet another television series, Rob Low snagged a pilot order from NBC. And it seems as though The Pro, as it is called, might just tap into the actor's most likable and Chris Traeger-y of traits. That's right, Robbie boy: You might've left Parks and Recreation but you'll forever be the overly enthusiastic city manager of our hearts. Now here's hoping he doesn't cut out of this one mid-way through.

The Pro will see Lowe as former tennis doubles champion "Big" Ben Bertrahm, a man who once had all the glory and trappings of his now-clientele. Following a career nosedive thanks to some unfortunate investment decisions, Bertrahm is relegated to tennis pro at a country club where he pulls out that grade-A, Lowean charm to try and hustle his way back to One Percenter status. Some reports say he ends up reuniting with his doubles partner after years of not speaking following a big, long fight.

The series, a single-camera comedy, will star and be executive produced by Lowe himself, so things would get mighty awkward were he to pull another too-soon departure. The whole thing is the result of a development deal NBC signed with Lowe while the actor was finalizing his exit from Parks and Recreation this summer. Comedic veterans Pete Huyck and Alex Gregory, both know for their work on the writing staff of Late Show with David Letterman, as well as the scribes of the 2011 Jason Sudeikis film, A Good Old-Fashioned Orgy, will write and serve as showrunners.

So, just to recap: Lowe will play a super in-shape, charismatic guy who appreciates the finer things in life? Yeah, I'd daresay that's downright Traeger-y.

Image: giphy.com