'Playing House' Is Renewed For Season 3, So It's Time For Fans To Rejoice

Playing House fans, you can finally relax! After two seasons of ups, downs, and all-too-real relatable chaos, the USA Network has officially announced that Playing House is renewed for Season 3. The show's stars — Lennon Perham and Jessica St. Clair — proudly announced the news at the Television Critics Association, alongside USA network president, Chris McCumber, and it came as a shock to both fans and industry heads at the event.

But why would a show good enough to get a third season still cause so much shock when it comes to garnering a renewal? Well, at this point in time, Playing House is actually the only comedy series still standing on the drama-led network. Aside from that, the show about two best friends teaming up together to raise a baby has been said to hold low ratings overall, so much so that the possibility of a second season was almost a long-shot as well. Thus, this amazing third season renewal is almost only possible with help from the fans themselves — and the power of on-demand television watching. Season 2's accessibility to online platforms seems to have made it easier for people who want to view the hilarious show to get to view the hilarious show, thus extending both the length of the show's life itself and the possibilities for other shows set to go outside popular online platforms such as Netflix.

However, no matter what the reasons may be, there's one thing Playing House fans can know for sure: The show is not going away anytime soon. It's time to catch up on the past two seasons, because you will soon find out what's happening next.

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Images: USA Network