Who Is Coughing At The GOP Debate? The Mysterious Illness Is Back For Another Round

Amidst the back-and-forth fighting between candidates (mainly Trump versus Cruz, and the rest versus a figurative Hillary Clinton), a mysterious cough kept interrupting Thursday night's sixth GOP debate. For those who watched the last Republican debate, this sudden illness (perhaps along with some of the candidates' answers) will seem all too familiar — a similar cough plagued December's GOP face-off. Viewers were so taken aback by the persistent coughing that a Twitter account was created in its honor. After much speculation, it was later discovered that it was candidate Ben Carson who was responsible. Now, who is coughing at this GOP debate?

Just like in December, this cough seems to keep cropping up at the most inappropriate times. It can be heard when a candidate is making an introduction or an attempt at a moving monologue, or the cough is caught in the cross-hairs between two candidates' argument. Does anyone in the audience have some cough drops or cold medicine?

The Internet hasn't seemed to point a definitive finger at the perpetrator just yet. But as with the last debate, speculation has abounded. Some believe it's Fox Business Network moderator Neil Cavuto. Others are speculating that it's a poor cameraman who keeps interrupting the candidates. But alas, Carson was seen on screen coughing... again.

As always, Twitter is up for picking apart the mystery:

Last time, the Carson campaign stepped forward to admit the cough was him. And while it certainly looks that way again, until they confirm it, the cough heard 'round the world will go unsolved...