These Funny Democratic Debate Memes & Jokes Are Almost Painfully Accurate

It's round four for the Democrats in the presidential debate cycle, and the last Democratic debate before the highly anticipated Iowa caucuses on Feb. 1. This is the last opportunity American voters have to hear from Hillary Clinton, the long-standing front-runner; Bernie Sanders, who's surging in polls as of late; and Martin O'Malley, the persistent underdog — the three Democratic candidates to the Republicans' 11 nominees. While listening to contrasting views on the U.S.-Iran prisoner deal, national security, Sanders' plan for single-payer healthcare, gun control, terrorism, and Benghazi, a favorite activity of political aficionados is to take note of the fantastic debate memes and jokes these discussions could potentially generate. After all, what is politics if voters can't have a little fun?

In some respects, the candidates reflected off of one another to reveal their similarities in policy, but in others, their deviations in thinking manifested strongly. In either case, funny things always happen and they rarely ever escape the public's notice. Herein lie some examples of Sunday evening's highlights, which will go down in debate history for generations to come.

A most appropriate starting point is the very fact that the last Democratic debate occurred on a Saturday night during Americans' holiday breaks, and the most recent occupies a Sunday evening at 9 p.m. ET. A curious truth, but so is, like, what channel is the debate even on?

That Bernie side-eye, though, resulting in the following greatness:

Image: Caroline Wurtzel for Bustle