Will Alicia And Lucca Go Work For Lockhart, Agos On 'The Good Wife'? Cary Certainly Hopes So

Alicia and Lucca joined forces with Cary on The Good Wife after an old Florrick, Agos client, songwriter Rowby Canton, returned with some legal trouble on "Tracks." Alicia, Cary and Lucca were like a well oiled machine when it came to defending Rowby against a suit brought by his former record label. So well, in fact, that Cary came to Lucca and Alicia at the end of the episode with a proposal: to have Lucca and Alicia come work for Lockhart, Agos. Alicia flat out declined the offer, but Lucca seemed a bit more interested. With Alicia and Lucca struggling to keep their business afloat and retain their clients, is there a chance Alica and Lucca will go work for Lockart, Agos?

Cary didn't just offer Lucca and Alicia jobs at Lockhart, Agos because he remembered how magical a team he and Alicia could be (remember the magic that was Florrick, Agos?). No, he was also prompted by the potential return of two major clients to the Lockhart, Agos firm, both of whom had ditched the bigger firm for Alicia and Lucca earlier this season. Now unhappy with the lack of infrastructure at Alicia and Lucca's — they work out of Alicia's apartment, after all — two clients are considering returning to Lockhart, Agos. So, Cary decides to take some initiative and offer Lucca and Alicia positions back at the old firm.


It should be noted that Cary went completely off-script with his job offers. Neither Diane Lockhart nor David Lee appear to have been in on the decision, which would mean that even if Alicia wanted to return, there would still be a lot of hoops to jump through. As it is, Alicia stood firm in her desire not to go back to Lockhart, Agos. Though Lucca was tempted by the offer, Alicia said she simply couldn't go back to being employed by someone else. Unfortunately, she might not have a choice. If she loses two major clients to Lockhart, Agos, that could spell the end of her private business.

A return to the offices at Lockhart, Agos would certainly give a much-needed boost to The Good Wife's seventh season. It would also ensure more interesting story lines for former heavyweights Diane and Cary. Here's hoping Alicia and Lucca make their way to Lockhart, Agos soon.

Images: David M. Russell/CBS; Giphy