Is Ted Pryce Dead On 'The Royals'? Killing King Simon Could Bring About His Own Ending

On Sunday's Season 2 finale of The Royals, England's citizens learned that Ted Pryce killed King Simon, and they did not take the news lightly. It was a tough episode for fans of the monarchy, including Simon's (probably) children Liam and Eleanor who learned the identity of their father's murderer as well. Liam almost took things into his own hands and killed Ted, but ultimately he decided to let the nation learn the truth first. Liam, Eleanor, and Jasper teamed up to release the footage of Simon's death during a football match and when fans in the stadium realized the killer was standing on the field, they rushed to take matters into their own hands. So, was Ted Pryce killed on The Royals finale? It's definitely not looking good for him.

I wouldn't really ever call anyone dead for good on this show, though. I mean, Prince Robert might be alive now. It's a crazy world, The Royals world. But, I have to admit it didn't look good that the crowd of angry fans rushed to beat Ted up and Liam drove away without attempting to stop them. And, Ted did ask Liam to "tell Ophelia not to miss me," right before he was stormed by the crowd, so Ted likely knew things wouldn't end well.

I think Ted's best-case scenario is that he's very injured in a hospital somewhere and worst-case is he's dead. But, what will this all mean for Ophelia and Liam? I can't really see her forgiving Liam for feeding her dad to the dogs, no matter what Ted did. The question of whether or not Ted and Opheliam survived that big reveal won't be answered for awhile, though, as fans will have to wait for Season 3 to learn the truth. So, until then, enjoy this video of the cast playing Bustle's emoji game:

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Image: E!