One Direction's Next Single Is...

I assume you wouldn't be here unless you're a diehard One Direction fan (or, possibly, you're a lost Belieber looking for a distraction from choking on your tears re: Justin Bieber's current situation) so let's get this over with quickly. According to a new video from the boys of One Direction, their next single will be "Midnight Memories" off their most recent album, which is also titled, Midnight Memories.

The news was officially announced by Liam Payne in a short YouTube video: "So, our next single is going to be "Midnight Memories" which is actually one of the songs that I wrote with Louis [Tomlinson]...so this is the first song we wrote on the album," Payne explains. "So this kind of like, paved the way for this whole album's sound and the way it all changed and stuff. So, it's a big, big tune, it's all about the midnight memories, everybody's got them, so hope you enjoy it."

The video itself was let out onto the Internet by Niall Horan, in a simple tweet reading: "Here is the Payno with some BIG news for you all!"

This isn't all the good news for the band, though — recently, Midnight Memories was named the U.K.'s best selling album of 2013, having sold over 2 million copies across the pond.

You can check out the announcement below.