Zosia's New Brooklyn Home Is So 'Girls'

YOU GUYS, SERIOUSLY. Shoshanna’s moving to Brooklyn. The Daily Mail reports that Girls actress Zosia Mamet and her boyfriend Evan Jonigkeit have just purchased not an apartment — but a $1.037 million house in super trendy (slash, "up and coming!") Brooklyn neighborhood, Bushwick. This is the 'hood in which her gloriously acted "Crackcident" in Season 1 took place. Memories, ya'll.

As a New York native and former Brooklynite myself, Bushwick is the notoriously gentrifying hotbed and home of many NYU alums, which, coincidentally enough, is Shosh's soon-to-be alma mater. However, usually when a post grad (or, um, any person who is not a millionaire) sets up shop in the 'Shwick, it's to rent a single apartment — not to buy ALL THREE that compose it, unless you're a landlord, or want three apartments all to yourself because you're a celebrity.

I'm going to assume Zosia's not interested in collecting late rent from artist types (but if she is, I am very much looking forward to that Craigslist ad), so let's go with the last one. But, she is just like us in one way: let us not forget that she's a 25-year-old woman moving in with her serious boyfriend. Cohabitation.

But more importantly, let's take a look at this very Brooklyn abode. Fortunately, Trulia's got some pictures to acquiesce my embarrassingly domestic love of all things real estate.

First off, check out the house. It's pink. How perf for Shosh! Love it.

And look! There's even a tree. That's legit. But let’s talk about my bathroom envy.

I could do yoga in that tub if I tried. But, I live in NYC, so this backyard is porn for me:

Of course, I’m wondering how she’ll furnish and renovate the apartment, and how her aesthetic compares to Shosh’s, and more importantly, what kind of utensils she will have and if she’ll have a plethora of pillowy cloud-like spoons. (Have I mentioned how much I’m loving Season 3?) I mean, look at this spacious kitchen!

I know, I know — this is not the glamorous life that one imagines a successful actor living, but for a New Yorker, this could make a mouth salivate. New York Magazine's The Cut hilariously (and accurately) questioned if she "purchased it for Girls research purposes, so that she can better understand how a Hannah or an Adam or a Ray might live."

Perhaps this is true, but I highly doubt Ray gallivants between three two bedroom apartments. I’m just wondering if she’ll throw any sweet house parties, and if I’ll be invited.

Images: Trulia.com