Will She Be Mrs. Spears-Lucado Soon?

Girls who grew up listening to and idolizing Britney Spears beginning in the nineties usually have a soft, protective spot for the singer in their heart. We never judged her when she went off the deep end and wore a pink wig for the majority of 2007. If Spears was happy being married to Kevin Federline, we were happy (kinda... ok not really). So now that the Queen of Pop has the pick of the litter of truly fantastic weaves and a new show in Vegas, we're overjoyed for her. However, Britney Spears was photographed holding up her hand to show a ring on her ring finger over the weekend, and we're just a little apprehensive. Is this why she wasn't at the Grammys? Was she too busy getting engaged? Without even telling us? Ok, ok. Let's calm down and review the facts.

Spears was photographed at her son Jayden's soccer game in LA on Jan. 25, and made no effort to hide the gold band on her ring finger. In fact, she flashed it to the cameras for all the world to see with a weary "bitch, please" look on her face. And her t-shirt was inside-out and backwards and didn't seem to be wearing a bra. But that's besides the point. Spears has lived under a microscope for almost the entirety of her life, so was she telling us that she did get married to her boyfriend of eight months, David Lucado, without any exhausting fanfare? Knowing Brit Brit, anything is possible.

However, it's unlikely that her father and conservator, Jamie Spears, would consent to this so quickly, especially after Britney and her last fiance, Jason Trawick, split up. But on the other hand, it seems like all Spears wants is a normal life away from scripted interviews and paparazzi. Lucado seemed to drop into Brit's life out of nowhere, but reportedly works at a law firm and is a native Virginian with a very low-profile presence. The "Perfume" singer has spoken out about her love for Lucado before, so perhaps the third time's a charm.

We just want the best for you, Britney! Is that so terrible?

Images: Starbucksney/Twitter; Giphy