Who Sings The Song In The Oreo Roller Rink Ad? An 'American Idol' Runner-Up Is Behind The "Rolling Wonder" Jingle

It is a grand and glorious tradition that has been around for centuries—nay, eons: Oreo reaches out to a popular recording artist, asks the popular recording artist to record a song about Oreo cookies for a TV spot, and then plops the popular artist’s Oreo song in a TV spot. And by golly, it has happened again! In a new animated commercial for America’s number one sandwich cookie, a familiar voice sings about the glorious Nabisco confection as the cartoon characters on the screen bond while skating all over a roller rink. So who is the musician behind the song in the “Rolling Wonder” Oreo commercial? Here is a hint: his heart is a “Ghost Town.”

Here is another hint: It is the American Idol Season 8 runner-up who has gone on to be a chart-topping, Grammy-nominated recording artist. And another hint: The "Whataya Want From Me" singer had a recurring role on primetime series Glee. And one more hint: He's a vocal powerhouse who has been the frontman of Queen + Adam Lambert since 2011. Yep, the charming little pop jingle in that Oreo ad was recorded by none other than Adam Lambert.

You can check out Lambert's magical voice in the commersh here:

Image: Oreo Cookie/YouTube