Cara & Derek Zoolander Have A Fierce Walk-Off

She might still be in retirement from modeling, but that didn't stop Cara Delevingne's walk-off with Derek Zoolander in Paris. Under the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower, the two supermodels sashayed and stomped along the Seine River to determine who had the best runway walk. Both Delevingne and Zoolander (played by Ben Stiller) posted the walk-off video on Instagram and let the fans decide who reigned supreme.

However, it seemed that their competition was short-lived after the duo discovered that they had a lot of chemistry in front of the camera. Zoolander was instantly smitten with Delevingne's version of the Blue Steel pose. He even gave her a puppy — who's actually Delevingne's adopted pup Leo — to cement their Insta-love at the most romantic city in the world. He wrote:

EXCLUSIVE: "Der-vigne” are now a “thing”. In the coming months and years, I’ll be live-gramming my relationship. She’s a beautiful girl, not just on the outside. But also on the side side. Like in profile. #bae #dab

Sadly, the two models simply couldn't make it work. Just a couple of hours after their fashionable paths crossed in Paris, Delevingne told Zoolander that he made up the whole thing in his head and that they were never in a relationship. Ouch. But, if there's one good thing that came out of this saga, it's that we'll always have this walk-off video to fondly look back on for all eternity:

This modern-day fairy tale began, innocently enough, with a couple of model selfies:

This could seriously be a high fashion ad (or a dog food commercial):

More Blue Steel than the world can handle:

We were all rooting for you!

Team Der-vigne forever.

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