Amy Poehler Was Snubbed At The 2016 SAG Awards, But There's A Silver Lining To Her Loss

Parks and Recreation fans, you may need to talk to some waffles about this latest disappointment. I'll meet you at JJ's Diner. Amy Poehler lost the 2016 Screen Actor's Guild Award for Parks and Recreation for the last time. The trophy instead went to Uzo Aduba, who plays Suzanne on Orange Is The New Black.

I mean honestly, that is a rough call. I'm not sure I wouldn't have voted for Aduba myself, her performance in Orange Is The New Black is both breathtaking and heartbreaking. It almost doesn't seem fair to compare a supporting performance in a Netflix dramedy to a leading performance in a network sitcom. There is such a variety of comedy television out there right now, it's a shame that you can only give a trophy to one actress. Alas, that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Still, Poehler is one of those actors who never seemed to get recognized for her iconic role. This was her last chance, so as happy as I am for Aduba, this is a little bittersweet. Poehler has been nominated for Parks twice previously, in 2013 and 2015. It happens. It's just a shame that her work as Leslie Knope has gone un-awarded for one last time.

All of that said, she's not going anywhere, and I think we should take this snub in stride. Whether it's a new show, an hilarious movie role, or another memoir — Amy Poehler is going to be making us laugh for a long time, regardless of how many awards she has.

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