Finally, the Truth About Their Sex Life

So, just in case you missed it — former The Bachelor Sean Lowe got married to his ladylove that he met on The Bachelor, Catherine Giudici, in a televised wedding on Sunday. It was a pretty sweet affair if you're into that sort of thing, and was a good chance for diehard The Bachelor fans to catch up on what's been going on between Lowe and Giudici since leaving the series (a welcome distraction, considering the shitstorm that is current Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis and his terrible comments about gay couples). While a lot's been going on with the couple when it comes to wedding planning and the like, it quickly became clear not too long into the special that the one thing not going on was sex: Apparently, Lowe and Giudici agreed to wait until marriage, because Lowe is a "conservative Christian and born-again virgin" while Giudici "honors" him. A lot of couples do this, I guess, but it's still pretty surprising to hear it in 2014 — which is exactly what Jimmy Kimmel thought as well. So, in response, Jimmy Kimmel asked Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici to take a polygraph test to see if they really did abstain from sex until marriage. Since the couple are both reality stars who make a living off of exploiting themselves and their relationship, they agreed.

So, what was the verdict? I'll leave you to watch that for yourself in the video, but I'll admit, it did surprise me. Check the clip out below.