This 'Sherlock' Promo Is Much Appreciated

South Korea gets it. They speak the Tumblr. If they didn't, their OCN channel wouldn't have made this wonderful Korean Sherlock Season 3 promo, which just nails so much of the fandom sentiment right on the head that I can hardly stand it.

Look, if you don't think Benedict Cumberbatch is a giant babe, I get that — his brand of charisma can be unusual at times, and he doesn't have the traditional Hollywood features we're used to like, say, Chris Pine does. But that unusual brand of charisma? It's super freaking magnetic, at least according to Tumblr and myself. And this promo, with its repeated refrain of "Casanova" — combined with show footage of people trying to get all up on that Sherlock action from Irene Adler to Molly Hooper to John Watson himself — fits that perfectly.

Another thing this promo fits rather perfectly is the motif of Season 3 as a whole — as we've mentioned here before, Sherlock's third season is very much about devotion and connection; the different kinds of connections that make up a life, from John's marriage to Mary, to his not legal but still vital emotional marriage to Sherlock, to Sherlock's newfound commitment to making sure John never finds himself hurt in the same way Sherlock hurt him last season.

As the executive producers are eager to remind us, Sherlock is not a detective show, it's a show about a detective. And from this promo, it appears it's about a detective with some serious game. And he always chooses John in the end.

Image: BBC