Star Alpine skier Lindsey Vonn will be an Olympic correspondent for Today and NBC Sports for the Winter Olympics Games in Sochi, due to a knee injury that's unfortunately won't let her compete. On Tuesday in a Today show interview, Lindsey Vonn admitted watching the Olympics will be hard, because she won't be competing. As a correspondent, she'll speak about the events and competition from an Olympian's perspective. Vonn spoke to host Matt Lauer while sitting on a couch with her leg propped up (in a brace) and her puppy Leo cuddled in her lap:

"I feel OK. I guess I've been through this now once before so I kind of know the drill, unfortunately," Vonn says. "It's been almost two weeks, and it feels all right. It's a little bit less complicated than the first surgery. [They] didn't have to work on the MCL, but unfortunately had to reconstruct the ACL again and [the knee] also had significant meniscus damage. It was pretty major surgery despite being better than last time, but I'm recovering well. I'm just doing therapy, and am excited to be working with you guys."

Although she's excited to still be involved in the Olympics, it's clear the skier is heartbroken about her unfortunate turn of events:

"It's going to be so hard. It's already hard enough," Vonn says. "You guys run commercials about Sochi about every two minutes, and it's killing me! I'm trying not to watch as much as much as I can. It's going to be really, really hard to watch the Alpine events. I always love watching the other athletes compete like in figure skating, luge and all that stuff, but it's going to be really hard to watch the Alpine events."

What is she looking forward to most as a correspondent?

"I'll tell you what I'm not looking forward to is waking up this early. That's not going to be fun," Vonn says. "I've never done something like this before, and I'm looking forward to this new challenge."

Even though she won't be competing in Sochi, Vonn has her eyes on the prize for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

You can watch Vonn's Today show interview below: