Rebecca Black's Cover of "We Can't Stop" Is Better Than Miley's. What Is The World Coming To?

In today's edition of "Things You Never Thought Would Happen," Rebecca Black has uploaded another song to YouTube. But this one doesn't have as much opportunity for endless parody videos. It's a cover of Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop," and not only is it not terrible, it's kind of better than Miley's version.

SimplySpoons on YouTube

Not that it's actually a good song, mind you — it's pretty much the same generic, guitar-strumming, suburban music that every other 16-year-old uploads to YouTube. But it doesn't have the same muddled, confused sound of Cyrus' version. "We Can't Stop" was always a teeny bop singer-songwriter track that tried (and failed) to be a hip-hop song. Black's version, while embarrassingly earnest, is a much better fit for the song. And it's nice to see Black get a little redemption after the auto-tuned mess that was "Friday." The production on this cover is still pretty slick, but it's not so overproduced that you can't hear that Black has a decent voice.

And even though the cover isn't really that good, it is so hilarious to see Black and this Jon D guy's "serious singing" faces — closing their eyes and smiling, looking deep into the camera, looking at each other with puppy dog eyes — especially when they have to sing lines like, "Got somebody here, might get some now."