George Clooney's Reddit AMA Might Make You Fall In Love With Him a Bit More

In case you've been living under a rock today (or just haven't had the time to log onto Reddit, in which case, totally understandable), you may have missed this wonderful news: George Clooney did a Reddit AMA today! As with most things George Clooney does, it was predictably awesome, and included a ton of great tidbits and trivia about his upcoming projects, previous projects, and how he feels about being the one Batman whose suit has nipples visible on the pectorals. What is the point of that, even? We'll never know, but Clooney wasn't so happy about it. Let's take a look at what he said, shall we?

On how he felt about playing Batman with his nips showing:

Just saying...

On how he's the cheapest date ever:

On what he'd be doing, if not acting:

On why he has lonely eyes:

On Sandra Bullock and how awesome she is:

What the best prank a co-star has played on him is:

What hobby he has that people don't know about:

On the Satellite Sentinel Project:

On appearing as Sparky the dog in South Park :

On how he once pranked Richard Kind by, well...

And, finally, his perfect sandwich:

Read the full AMA here.

Image: Warner Bros.