There's A New Clarisonic In Town

Skincare aficionados have been using face brushes for years, but it wasn't until Clarisonic released its sonic skin cleanser in 2004 that anyone realized how amazing and effective an oscillating facial brush could be. The only issue? The various versions put on the market by Clarisonic have been a little cumbersome for travel, even the slightly more portable Mia, until now. Clarisonic just released the Clarisonic Mia FIT and it is the perfect travel-sized face brush.

Aside from its petite size, the Mia FIT's most travel-friendly feature is the fact that it can be charged from a USB port, just like most of your other electronics, while also not compromising on the device's cleaning capacity — the Mia FIT has the same power as a full-sized Clarisonic device, but it fits in the palm of your hand.

Although it seems like everyone is always talking about the Clarisonic brushes, it turns out that a lot of Americans have not yet converted to the high tech Clarisonic for cleaning their skin (myself included!), with 52 percent of the population using their hands to wash their faces, but perhaps the handy size (pun-intended) of the Mia FIT will encourage more people to try it out. Especially since it can be easily tossed into your gym bag or carry-on.

Clarisonic Mia FIT, $219, Amazon

The Clarisonic Mia FIT, which is quickly becoming a favorite among bloggers and celebs, comes in three colors — white, blue and pink — and retails for $219 at Sephora, Ulta, and Dillards.

Alpha FIT, $219, Amazon

The Mia FIT isn't exactly the first of its kind though. Clarisonic also has the Alpha FIT, which is a travel-sized cleansing brush for men, although the Alpha FIT has settings to work around beards, so that's the main difference between these two products. That, and the adorable color offerings and marketing, of course.

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Images: Clarisonic