'Ravenswood': Along Came A Spider

Previously on Ravenswood , everyone acted highly suspicious and no one was up to any good. Dillon is clearly evil, Springer may or may not be evil, and Collins is definitely up to something (but it may be for good, and not evil). Basically, trust no one on this show. Got it?

Olivia, Luke, and their mother, Mrs. Matheson, stare at their father's new gravestone. Mr. Collins gave it to them as a gift, promising that it would be resistant to vandalism. (Apparently this is a thing.) Unfortunately, the cops interrupt their reminiscing by arresting Olivia and Luke's mother.

Meanwhile, it's Caleb's first day at school! Despite being an expert new kid, he still doesn't understand that people will think you are crazy if you start talking to yourself in the hallways — or, rather, start talking to your invisible/dead flirtashionship. I have to side with the mean girls who tease Caleb for talking to Miranda in public — I mean, you're cute, Caleb, but maybe don't alienate ALL your classmates by playing the whole "I'm just talking to my locker" card.

Dillon returns to Ravenswood, telling Olivia that his parents shipped him off to a Christian "purification" camp after finding a condom in his room in order to have "the devil" shaken out of him. We know that Dillon is lying because 1) He's the shadiest of the shady boyfriends 2) ABC Family literally tells you with the hashtag #DontTrustDillon.

Collins visits Mrs. Matheson in jail. It turns out that Mrs. Matheson was Collins' only friend in high school — she was the only one who didn't tease him for his family's work. Miranda watches from her place in the afterlife, and she seems genuinely moved by Collins' display of emotion. I am genuinely moved by how attractive Collins is when he shows any sort of emotion.

Despite all of the things going on in Ravenswood, Luke thinks that this is a great week to talk to Remy about their (lack of) sex life — after all, his twin sister had sex with Dillon, and he's basically evil. Remy is quick to point out that she is four minutes older. So that's it, we guess.

Miranda and Caleb head to Collins' secret chapel — the one that Collins specifically does not want them to enter. It's not exactly scary, so what's the secret? It turns out that the names of the marked teens are hidden in the tiles... except, Rivers is the only one on the list... and so is Dillon's last name.

Luke confronts Dillon about the pact in the boys locker room and things get steamy. (Dillon unleashes the steam from the showers in order to escape — get your mind out of the gutter, people.) Before he ditches, he tells Luke that he offered up Liv in order to escape from the pact — and it totally worked! Luke tells Olivia, who insists that Dillon cares about her and wouldn't do that. Luke says that he's sure that Dillon does care about her — because that's what sealed the deal in the first place. Not to worry, Olivia — there's a Taylor Swift song for this.

Next week is the winter finale of Ravenswood (already?!) and we're getting a surprise guest in town — the one, the only, Miss Hanna Marin! It's a little weird that Hanna's heading to Ravenswood when she spent all of last week of Pretty Little Liars smashing plates against a wall, pretending they were Caleb's head. I'm a big Haleb shipper (and am SO over this new Miranda/Caleb mythology!) but I can't help but think that this crossover is a tad unnecessary.

Here are my burning questions for next week:-Is Collins just the cutest thing in the world or what?-Where did Olivia get that ADORABLE jacket? -Will Caleb ever stop talking to himself in public? It's getting weird.

Til next week!

Image: ABC Family