You'll Never Guess Who's Making Makeup Tutorials

The Super Bowl is looming on the horizon, and as a person whose roommate and best friend are both diehard Denver Broncos fans, I've been anticipating the big game for weeks. In today's "weird news I never thought I'd hear," the NFL is venturing into a world I pretty much never thought they'd enter: the world of YouTube makeup tutorials. That's right, the NFL is posting makeup tutorials, and they're surprisingly not terrible.

Football is a notoriously male-dominated sport, despite the fact that female football fans totally, 100 percent exist. As the world slowly comes to the realization that girls can indeed like football, the NFL is trying to appeal to female fans in a different way. Their method? YouTube beauty tutorials. When you think about it, this actually isn't a terrible idea. YouTube makeup tutorials are an incredible business with a massive audience. For example, Kandee Johnson's Super Bowl makeup tutorial had over 200,000 views. I can't blame the NFL for trying to capture a slice of that audience.

I, for one, believe it's totally possible for someone to be both a football and a makeup fan, so I think it's kind of a cool idea. Check out the looks the NFL has produced so far:

Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers are the favored team in this year's Super Bowl, and the beauty tutorial the NFL produced is surprisingly cool. I mean, check out those eyelashes.

Arizona Cardinals

I'm obsessed with the subtle gold eyeliner in this Arizona Cardinals makeup tutorial. In fact, I might be adding it to my makeup rotation.

Seattle Seahawks

Um, the green and blue eyeshadow on this Seahawks tutorial is so cool. I am obsessed with the shading and those perfect lashes.

New England Patriots

Love this bright and fun look that perfectly matches the Patriots' red and blue colors.

One of the things I love about sports is that they get me to wear colors I wouldn't necessarily wear normally. I mean, I normally wouldn't be caught dead in orange, but when I'm bandwagon fan-ing for the Broncos, I wear the color with pride. And, why not showcase your team spirit through your makeup as well? Yes, it's a little silly, but I have to admit, I'm kind of glad to see the NFL thinking outside the box.

Are you a football fan? You've probably heard at least one or two of these remarks before:

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Images: Emmanouel/Pixabay, YouTube