9 Valentine's Day Cards For Things We Really Love

by Dacy Knight

Valentine's Day gets a lot of flack for being a "Hallmark holiday," but despite their cookie cutter quotes and channeling of consumerism, Valentine's Day cards have the potential to be the most genuine, and certainly creative, part of the holiday. Just imagine if we took the time this year to make our own Valentine's Day cards for our special someones — or better yet, Valentine's Day cards for things we really love.

What better way to get to the heart (pun intended) of the holiday than with a special message to those things we hold dear in our lives? Expressing our affection is what the day is all about, and a card is just the medium of the message. Sure, it'd be nice to send your grandma or significant other a nice handwritten note around Feb. 14, but the love doesn't have to stop there. If Valentine's Day is all about celebrating True Love, let's take a moment to acknowledge the other things that get us through the day and that without, we simply wouldn't be our best selves.

So maybe your boyfriend cooks for you sometimes, but can he really beat the click-click-and-Chinese-takeout-is-at-your-door ease of Seamless? Maybe you're in the longest long-term relationship of your life, but you've still probably spent more mornings with coffee than you have anything else. Sometimes it's the only thing you can stand seeing at the start of the day. You don't have to break off your plans with your actual Valentine this year to acknowledge you have an enticing slew of other contenders you wouldn't mind stepping in.

1. Birth Control

And if I ever forget you, I'll go the extra mile just to get you back.

2. Chipotle

We can always guac it out.

3. Seamless

You give me a reason to stay in bed.

4. Group Chat

You're the first one I turn to after every major (and minor) life event.

5. Cat Eyeliner

One of these days I'll get you.

6. Uber

And write me immediately after.

7. Adele

I really wasn't expecting your call.

8. Brunch

I'm lucky if I can concentrate on anything else once you're through with me.

9. Coffee

And you keep me up at night.

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