Who Voices The Bears In Hyundai's Super Bowl Ad? This Mystery Needs To Be Solved

Move over Revenant bear, the voices of the Hyundai talking bears in the Super Bowl ad are here to steal your spotlight. It's hard to top Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart, but Hyundai's third 2016 Super Bowl ad features two furry stars who are impossible to beat. The ad begins with a couple frantically running away from two bears in the woods, but once they drive off, the real fun starts. The bears begin to banter, and it turns out one of them just wanted a hug and the other... well, he was definitely going to eat the couple. But it's his cheat day!

So, who are the voices behind the Hyundai bears? That is a mystery waiting to be solved. Too bad Hyundai's voice recognition cars can't identify commercial voices. Whoever these mystery actors are they are going to land on a ton of best Super Bowl 50 commercial lists. Their timing is flawless, especially for the vegan bear, who promises he was just going to eat around his cheat day. While his voice suspiciously like T.J. Miller — who can be seen in the Super Bowl commercial for Shock Top — there is currently no confirmation just yet on whether or not that is actually him behind the bear.

Meanwhile, Hyundai's other two Super Bowl ads put their famous faces front and center. In one, dozens of Ryan Reynolds distract drivers in "Ryanville," and in the other Kevin Hart stalks his daughter's boyfriend. Neither of them have quite the same punch as the sheer joy of watching two bears go from ferocious predators to cuddly forest bros in under 30 seconds though. Good job, Hyundai, you have created two new stars and offered the first instant classic Super Bowl 50 commercial.

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to rewatch the commercial at least 50 more times.

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Image: Hyundai/Youtube