What Song Is In The PayPal Super Bowl Commercial? "Confident" Is Feminist AF

PayPal's Super Bowl commercial, "There's a New Money in Town," isn't particularly noteworthy. It doesn't feature any celebrities, and it doesn't have a lot of jokes. However, it does have the best soundtrack. In case you were wondering what song is in the PayPal Super Bowl commercial, it's "Confident" by Demi Lovato. Though the commercial doesn't feature any of Lovato's vocals on the track, those horns and that melody are impossible to forget once you've heard "Confident." The song instantly gets stuck in your head, and turns PayPal's commercial into an irresistible jam.

"Confident," Lovato's super feminist second single off her album, also titled Confident, plays in the PayPal Super Bowl commercial as various PayPal users use the app. The spot is marketing PayPal as the "new money in town" — one that works for all people, not people of the past, like paper bills. "Old money closes at 5," the ad proclaims, suggesting that banks are things of the past, adding, "New money is always open." PayPal has got to be pretty confident if it thinks it's going to replace paper money, so it's fitting the company wanted Lovato's infectious song to be featured in their Super Bowl spot. "Confident" is all about knowing your worth and owning it, something Lovato does beautifully.

PayPal on YouTube

"Confident" is thefeminist anthem you need in your life right now. Not only are Lovato's vocals fierce and ambitious, the lyrics are amazingly female-driven and sex positive. That, plus the fact that it's even more catchy than "Cool for the Summer," make "Confident" the must have song on any playlist.

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Images: PayPal/YouTube