Every Celebrity In The Bud Light Party Commercial, From Amy Schumer To Paul Rudd — VIDEO

"America has seen the light!" Amy Schumer says, before Seth Rogen quickly interjects: "and there's a Bud in front of it!" While they are not real politicians, Bud Light's spokes people, Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen, sure make a convincing argument. In their latest attempt at convincing the American public to drink more (Bud Light) beer, the pair teamed up for a brand new Super Bowl 50 ad where they ride horses, wear patriotic garb, and say the word "caucus" more than once. "It's not like too big, you could handle it," Schumer says of their supposed super-sized caucus. But the funny duo aren't the only two celebs to appear in the anticipated TV spot.

In the spot, the comedians convince us that, amidst an upcoming presidential election, America isn't divided at all — in fact, America can agree on loving more than one thing. The first of course being Paul Rudd, and the second is well, you guessed it — Bud Light beer. Coming from anyone other than Schumer and Rogen, I'd have already muted my television. But these two funny people, along with a few other famous faces, make this commercial one of the better offerings from Super Bowl 50. So who are all the celebrities in the Super Bowl 50 Bud Light Party commercial? Let's take a look.

Amy Schumer

Schumer always delights, whether she has a beer in her hand, is riding a horse, or is adorned in a yellow hard hat, the lady can't disappoint.

Seth Rogen

It's a rare occasion when we see Seth Rogen dressed in anything other than a T-shirt. The presidential look works for you, bud! (See what I did there?)

Paul Rudd

According to the pair, there are some things everyone likes. "Like Paul Rudd," Schumer says in the spot.

Michael Peña

Paul Rudd's Ant-Man co-star Michael Peña also makes an appearance in the spot, watching the two patriotic comedians on a TV screen with some fans.

Watch the commercial below, and keep your eyes peeled for a bevy of famous faces:

Images: YouTube/BudLight