Abed Has a Meet-Cute on 'Community'

After the terrible heartbreak he suffered at the hands of his best friend Troy — we'll miss you so, Donald Glover — it's time for Abed to have a win on Community . And it seems as though a newly forged alliance in deafness, willfully done or otherwise, has forced Abed into a romantic comedy trope that he has some serious opinions on: the meet-cute. D’aww shucks!

In an effort to avoid spoilers about his favorite book series, Abed employs the use of sound-canceling air traffic controller headphones to ensure he stays in his bubble of ignorance. In that moment he encounters a deaf student (played by Switched at Birth’s Katie Leclerc) and the kids get on like gangbusters thanks to their mutual inability to hear things. Leclerc’s being genetically predisposed, but still. Profound things often happen in the most silent of moments.

Now that Abed is a clone of himself (in order to fix the heartbreak of losing his friend that "killed" him in the last episode), we're sort of hoping that he's able to take the risks and reap the rewards of fostering vulnerable, intimate personal relationships. Abed could use a win, especially a love-laced one and what better time to do that than in the newly re-piloted iteration of the show? Though we already know (spoileraphobes banish thyselves at once) that this particular romance doesn't come into fruition, we can't help but feel that Clone Abed's newfound bravery has made this the perfect time to experience a different kind of love, one that will usher him into a new level of interpersonal understanding.

Or maybe we'll all just play another round of Floor is Lava. Whatever works!

Image: NBC