Disney, We Really Didn't Need This

What's a company to do when their currently-in-theaters animated musical bests some of the most impressive records of their very impressive box office past? Well, a lot of things, probably, but apparently one of those things is "Release Sing-A-Long," seemingly to make those of us who were around and sentient for the days of VHS feel really old as we remember popping the Aladdin sing-a-long into our players and going ham. In other words: Disney's released a "Let It Go" sing-a-long for Frozen, and a full-length sing-a-long of the film's going into theaters soon — and it's all at once vintage and cute and completely redundant.

Listen, Disney, we get it: Frozen's a really successful song for you. You know how we know that? Because we've been signing "Let It Go" nonstop for months. And so have our friends. We get the picture. We already know all of the words, guaranteed, so it's not like we're in dire need of those color-changing subtitles or of that little snowflake bouncing along on top of them. We got it.

It is Oscar season, though, so we guess we can cut them some slack — a company/monolith's gotta do what a company/monolith's gotta do in the campaign process.

And hey, any excuse to listen to that song again, right? The sing-a-long version of the entire film arrives in theaters Jan. 31.

Image: Disney