Superdrug Celebrity Weight Scales Compare Your Weight to Rihanna's or Kim Kardashian, Because That's Healthy

This is a new level of absurdity in Western weight weirdness: Scales that measure weight not in numbers but celebrity bodies. "What's YOUR celebrity weight?" asks the Daily Mail. "Are you a Rihanna, a Kate or a Gemma Collins?"

The scales, which are launching at Superdrug stores in the UK, make almost absolutely no sense. Step on the celebrity weight scale and it will place you on a spectrum of speculated celebrity weights ("You weigh between Rihanna and Christina Hendricks"). The scale is programmed with a range of (solely female) celebrities who fall between eight and 18 stone, or 112 to 252 pounds.

As an (effed up) novelty way to find out what various celebrities weigh, I can kind of get it. But Superdrug and the Daily Mail are framing it as a tool to combat obesity in the UK and "help bring down the barriers that stop people talking about and managing their weight effectively." Uh huh. That sounds sincere.

The scales were produced in response to new research which reveals that losing weight is an ongoing concern for over 60 per cent of the UK population, with 40 per cent admitting to avoiding bathroom scales altogether for fear of seeing the result.

Oh, please. Maybe people are avoiding scales because scales are kind of dumb? It's a good idea to have an idea of how much you weigh, but it is absolutely unnecessary to step on the scale every day. Weight fluctuates throughout the day and month (especially for women) in ways that seem to drive people who constantly weigh themselves crazy.

A spokesman for eating disorder charity BEAT summed it up well to MailOnline: "This type of exploitation of the most toxic aspect of celebrity culture is just wrong in so many ways. Of course many people are concerned about maintaining a healthy weight, but inviting a spurious comparison with another person’s supposed weight doesn't help anyone."