James Franco Stars in 2014 Super Bowl Ad, Because Of Course He Does — VIDEO

So actor-turned-everything James Franco is in a Super Bowl ad. Not much of a shock, considering, with Oscar hosting and Roast fielding already under his belt, there's no big event the PhD candidate and Oz the Great and Powerful actor doesn't want to be a part of. In fact, the fact that Franco is starring in a Ford Fusion Hybrid commercial is just a tad disappointing — where's the Franco we know and love, the one that would eschew his actual job in favor of pulling an Invincible and trying out for the Super Bowl itself? An ad is not nearly method enough, James.

That said, in the Ford ad, Franco is not taking it too easy. No, in the last 60 seconds of the 90-second spot, Franco played actor/comedian Rob Riggle, star of the first 30 seconds of the ad. And, of course, added some fighter jets, a skyscraper, and other symbols of awesomeness, all in the name of Ford Fusion's fuel economy, yada, yada, who cares, it's James Franco!

Like Franco himself, the ad is hard to describe, so just watch it below and marvel at the actor, great and powerful enough to outshine a wild cat. (And we love cats.)


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