You Have To See Kim's Valentine's Day Outfit

Normcore is totally in right now, but I wasn't exactly expecting Kim K. to jump on the trend. Kim Kardashian had Valentine's Day dinner with Kanye West on Sunday, according to Perez Hilton, and somehow made normcore totally glam. I know, it sounds like an oxymoron, but just wait for it.

If you haven't heard by now, it's legit freezing on the East Coast, and when that happens, all I want to do is bundle up in my leggings, UGG boots, and the biggest coat in my closet. There is literally no shame in looking like a snowman, and apparently that struggle is even real for Kim, who celebrated Valentine's Day in inhumanely cold New York City. Kardashian-West stepped out for dinner, and instead of wowing in some mini dress or fierce couture ensemble, she opted for something a little more comfy. (Read: lazy-girl approved).

Kim wore a black knee-length bodysuit (which is basically a chicer version of a onesie) and a dad hat. Yes, you absolutely read that right. But because this is Kim, after all, she paired her totally normcore ensemble with an oversized, giant white fur. So you can totally be comfy and chic at the same time, right?

When it's that cold out, lazy always wins.

Here's a few items to shop if you want to steal Kim's comfy/glam winter look.


ASOS Curve; $24;

It's like a onesie that's appropriate to wear out in public.


Cropped Leggings; $14;

If you don't want to rock a bodysuit, a pair of cropped leggings still gets the job done.


Long Fur Coat; $159;

Wrap yourself up in a giant, faux fur coat.

Dad Hat

ASOS Baseball Cap; $17.50;

Dad hats need to be as basic as possible.

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Images: ASOS; Roaman's