Where Is Drake At The 2016 Grammy Awards? The Rap Star Was Nowhere In Sight

Drake fans are mourning on Monday evening. As we scanned the massive crowds on the 2016 Grammy Awards red carpet looking for the object of our affection, our eyes came up empty, because, unfortunately, Drake isn't at the 2016 Grammys. The rapper was nowhere to be seen. Not stepping out of a limo. Not answering questions awkwardly fielded by Ryan Seacrest. And not showing off his blatant sexiness in front of the camera. So where exactly was Drake while the red carpet was unfolding?

The answer is a little trickier than you’d think. While the top musicians of the day conducted interviews and stopped for pictures, Drake was nowhere to be seen. And even on social media, the rap star was mum on where he was for the evening. He did take the time to confirm earlier in the week that he would not be performing at the Grammy Awards, though. There was talk that Drake would make an appearance either on the red carpet or on the Grammy stage, but, unfortunately, Drake was absent from the red carpet.

Let us all take a minute of silence to mourn his absence.

Because the loss is real. No dapper suits. No funny quips. No hints at future projects. That’s what the world missed out on when Drake did not appear on the 2016 Grammy Awards red carpet. And, honestly, the night shined a little less brightly because of it.