Ben & JoJo Debate Her Feelings On 'The Bachelor' & It's Not Fair To Her

Six women are left on this season of The Bachelor, and Ben Higgins is slowly whittling the numbers down. I get that relationships move much faster in Bachelor world than in the real world, but I really hate the pressure that comes with this accelerated schedule. I mean, would you be able to tell if you’re in love with someone after only a few weeks? I doubt that. Unfortunately, Bachelor Ben Higgins is really emphasizing this in his season, and this time around, JoJo Fletcher is the object of Ben's questioning. In a one-on-one date they had at Wrigley Field (it’s amazing how many women didn’t know what the “Windy City” was, by the way), Ben told JoJo again that he thought she was holding back and it “makes him nervous.” All of JoJo’s having to defend her feelings on The Bachelor totally isn’t fair.

I think JoJo has to do this on every one-on-one date that she has with Ben. She’s said many times that she’s been hurt in the past, and she’s reluctant to give her heart away completely again until she feels comfortable and knows that she can trust the guy she’s with. That’s completely reasonable, isn’t it? Wanting to know and protect yourself? That’s not weird! And The Bachelor makes it seem like wanting to take things slow is strange.

Last season of The Bachelor, Becca was hesitant to get deeply involved with Chris Soules, and he wasn’t down for it either. What is with this show and that kind of pressure? It’s not fair to pressure someone to proclaim that they have feelings that they don’t have, especially when that person has been hurt before and is eager to take things slow. JoJo, you are completely fine and there’s no need to rush things! You do you, girlfriend.

Images: Jean Whiteside/ABC