Taylor Swift & Jack Antonoff's Handshake At The Grammys Is Ultimate Friendship Goals — VIDEO

Maybe the real Grammy Awards were the friends we made along the way. Forget her hecka fierce speech for a hot minute, can we talk about Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff's handshake at the Grammy 2016 Awards? Before she accepted her award for Best Album of the Year for 1989, she and her collaborator had one of the cutest moments of the night.

As you may already know, Antonoff co-wrote and co-produced three tracks on 1989. He's best known for the band Fun. but has produced some of your faves for other artists as well. Specifically, he worked on "Out of the Woods," which Swift and Antonoff performed together as the Grammy Awards opening, "I Wish You Would' and "You Are In Love." Their victory celebration — and the fact that Antonoff called Swift on the phone earlier in the night while accepting Best Pop Vocal Album, means that this power songwriting due has got to keep working together.

It's nice to see such a genuine, joyful moment at any awards show between any celebrities. Stars typically have to be so reserved, especially those who have their every move and word over-analyzed. It's refreshing to see them be silly, even if it's just for a brief moment. Check out their handshake and hug below.

While not quite as complicated, one can only hope that this handshake will be repeated and memorized at sleepovers all around the country, just like this one. Better yet, maybe Antonoff and Swift can tackle it next!

Image: Giphy