This Is Where The Most Solo Sex Happens In America

Whether they like to openly admit to it or not, pretty much everyone masturbates. There are many awesome benefits to masturbating, from being a stress reliever and helping you get a better night’s sleep to familiarizing yourself with your own body. The latest SKYN Condoms Millennial Sex Survey found that the citizens of New York have the most active sex lives out of everyone else in the country. About 29 percent of them say they have sex at least once a day, and 14 percent of those surveyed even said they have sex several times a day. While that’s great for New Yorkers and everything, some people aren't in a thriving city with tons of available singles. Sometimes when the mood strikes, you might have to take matters into your own hands.

Now that SKYN Condoms told us where people have the most sex, where do people masturbate the most? SKYN Condoms partnered up with Maxim to go more in-depth with the survey data and discover the sexual attitudes and behaviors of millennials per state. Here are some other fun facts about millennial sex in America, according to SKYN Condoms and Maxim, from where everyone's having solo sex to where people are doing it the pool:

1. Georgia Is The Masturbation Capital

When it comes to self-love, Georgia takes the crown. As the survey found, 15 percent of people said they masturbate several times a day. Michigan follows with a close 12 percent saying they, too, masturbate several times a day, with 34 percent saying they did at least once a day. Rounding out the top three is Connecticut, where 32 percent of people say they practice the art of self love at least once a day. Utah falls toward the bottom of the list with 20 percent of people claiming to never masturbate.

2. Millennials In California Like To Live Out Their School Day Fantasies

According to the survey, millennials in California were the ones most likely to have sex in a school. But when it comes to banging a teacher, those from South Dakota take that one.

3. It’s All About Pool Sex In Kansas

About half of those surveyed from Kansas said they had sex in a hot tub or pool. But when it comes to outdoor sex in general, millennials in Wyoming win that. As it was found, 18 to 35-year-olds from Wyoming were most likely to have had sex in the great out doors.

4. People In Vermont Have Sex With The Most People

Out of everyone else in the country, people in Vermont have the highest average of sexual partners. Those in Massachusetts were the most likely to have had a one night stand.

5. People In Tennessee Have Long Sex Sessions

They were most likely to report having sex that lasted longer than two hours.

6. Millennials From Utah Keep Their Virginities Longer

Millennials from Utah not only masturbate the least, but are more likely to keep it in their pants for longer. As it was found, one in four lost their virginity when they were at least 21-years-old.

7. New Yorkers Are Most Likely To Have Had A Threesome

So, New Yorkers have the most sex. But they’re also more likely to check off a big item on many people’s sexual bucket lists.

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